Top 5 Moments from Commons Ball

The anticipation is over, the day has finally come and gone. Commons Ball was one for the books, and here are some of the top moments from the night.

1. Dippin’ Dots

Some were worried that Vandy would bring some off-brand version of the beloved ice cream balls, but no! Our tastebuds were serenaded by those authentic, tasty little treats.

2. The Presidents’ Dance

Seeing our President friends bust a move on the dance floor was quite entertaining, and it’s sure to make for a boatload of jokes down the road.

Photo: Truman McDaniel

3. When that one guy tried to do a flip and fell.

Press F to pay respects.

Photo: Truman McDaniel

4. Silent Disco and when karaoke turned into American Idol.

While it was fun to laugh and sing with our friends sing out of key and off pitch, some people brought their A-game. One girl, in particular, gave Ariana Grande a run for her money with those runs!

Photo: Truman McDaniel

5. The Food!

Didn’t I say the food would be delectable! Though there were some weird desserts (what in the heck was in those cocktail glass things??), the vast array of food didn’t disappoint. No wonder so many upperclassmen showed up.