Commons Ball: What to Expect

You’ve seen the flyers around campus, and for some of you, they’ve even been slipped under your door. The point has been made that Commons Ball is allegedly a big deal. But WHAT THE HECK is it exactly?

I’ve been wondering that myself, so I reached out to one of my upper-classmen friends and was basically told these main points:

  • absolutely beautiful and elaborate set-up (they transform the Commons dining room and it goes from “ehh” to “ahh,” think Rand’s holiday party in December x10)
  • there’s a rockin’ dance floor so leave the uncomfortable shoes in your dorm
  • food = delectable
  • lots of other fun activities that you can do with friends such as photo booths, silent disco, and karaoke

While they tailor the activities to the theme of the ball each year, it can be assumed that Vandy is going all out Feb. 7 @ 9pm.

I also asked about how important the theme was to this whole shindig, and apparently not many people actually follow it. This year’s theme is basically ∼outer space∼ , so feel free to get your alien on if you can make the cocktail fit work with it, but don’t be stressed if you can’t. The night will be fun regardless of what you wear. 

T/DR: Commons Ball will be a blast, so look forward to sharing the night with your friends.

Here’s a transformation picture of Commons Ball from a previous year to get you excited.