Top 5 Social Locations on Campus

In a normal Vanderbilt semester, we would be gathering in dining halls, walking to classes, and going to country concerts in the city. While these social opportunities are currently off limits, It doesn’t mean that we cannot connect with others. It just means that the few opportunities that we do have left are that much more important. 

Whether you’re grabbing a meal or just looking to get out of your dorm, here are some great spots to have a good time.

1. Wyatt stairs/Peabody lawn

It’s not unusual to see several groups sitting on the Wyatt center steps on a sunny afternoon. Sometimes, you can see their gazes going back and forth as they watch a football or frisbee being tossed. 

2. Commons Lawn 

You can’t talk about social life in Vanderbilt without mentioning the Commons lawn! Serving as an integral part of the freshman experience, it has persevered through COVID-19 as a vibrant social scene, especially on the weekends. 

3. Branscomb Common Room

You might be thinking, “Every dorm has a common area”. While that is true, few are as spacious and lively as Branscomb’s. It’s almost its own mini library for studying, except you can also cruise around the room on a skateboard.

4. Alumni Lawn


While there several lawns on campus, this seems to be an especially popular spot for picnics. It’s also where you’ll find the most residents from Carmichael Towers, who live right next to it. 

5. Rand Decks

This is a great dining spot to enjoy your delicious Rand cookie! Also, make sure to look up from time to time. Rand’s central location gives you the highest chance of spotting Elliot Choy whipping by on his longboard.