The Introvert’s Guide to College: V-Day Edition


An introvert being in a relationship sounds like an oxymoron.  

How does someone who prefers to be by themselves most of the time end up in a situation where they have to be with another person most of the time? 

How does an introvert even get to the relationship stage? 

I’m no love expert, but for this Valentine’s Day, I’ve picked up a few tips for y’all to work up your nerve to tell that someone how you feel (or… at least think about doing so). 

1. Vibe Them Out 

A lot of times, people will show you who they are. Vibe them out. Can you actually talk to them or are your conversations a series of awkward silences?  

If you find yourself putting in too much work to make it work, maybe you need to reconsider whether this person is for you.

2. Don’t Fear the Answer 


Those two letters, or really any another answer that isn’t a yes, is enough to stop someone from telling another person how they feel. This is less about introversion and more about being shy or scared, but it can be easy to let your fear of an answer stop you from saying what you want to say. 

This is just college! We’re not in a race or some crazy version of Love Island where you have to be with someone or have someone in your life by a deadline. Say what you want to say and don’t fear the answer.  

3. Now What?  

Remember life goes on. If you have your eye on a special someone this Valentine’s Day and you’re willing to put in the work to make room for them in your life, just try.  

If you don’t, ordering cinnamon sticks and pepperoni pizza and watching Archer is also a very valid way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Either way, I think you’ll find yourself satisfied.