The Introvert’s Guide to College: The (Spring) Break

Finally. It’s 1 in the afternoon. You’ve just woken up and the sun is shining through your windows. It’s spring break and you have nothing to do and no one to-

Bzzt- Bzzt.

You reach over for your phone and see 367 missed messages from the group chat, 9 Snapchat messages, and a missed FaceTime call. You may be tempted to just put your phone on Do Not Disturb.

I know some people who just disappear over breaks. No warnings, no heads up. During winter or spring break, I’ll be lucky to get a text back.


But are they doing something right?

How can you use your spring break as a way to recharge and take a bit of a break…from everyone else?

Well, figure out what you need. That might mean being that person who ghosts the group chat then shows up a week later with a meme.

Or maybe you just need to figure out when to be present. This can mean talking to your friends at random times throughout the day and then turning off your notifications at night to you can have more personal time to yourself.

It can also be only hanging out with friends and completely ignoring whatever is going on in your phone.

Whatever it is, just remember that this is spring break. It’s supposed to be what gives us that final bit of energy to get us through the last two months we have before the school year is officially done. We are so close to the finish line for this year. Make sure you don’t burn out before you get there.