The Introvert’s Guide to College: Alone or Lonely?


courtesy of popbela

I cannot count the amount of times growing up, I was asked why I was alone. I was social and hung out with people, but I also had a tendency to sit and do stuff by myself for hours, like reading or writing. And at the time, I thought it was because I was shy and didn’t know how to talk to people but looking back at it now, maybe it had more to do with the fact that I didn’t want to talk to people. I actually liked being alone. (Now I know how that sounds. People who like to be by themselves are considered to be loners, a title that sometimes even extends itself to weirdo. But I think loners get a bad rep.)

Besides needing the alone time to recharge, introverts just like spending alone time with themselves. It isn’t the same as being lonely. While there are people I would like to hang out with, I also like working with myself. Being alone allows you to connect with yourself on a level that you may not be able to on a day to day basis when you’re around everyone else. When I’m by myself, I can sort out my thoughts, work through any problems that are bothering me, or even just meditate. I don’t think enough people are okay with being alone with themselves and their thoughts, which is why you see so many attempts of people trying to distract themselves from…well themselves.

Next time you’re by yourself and are about to text someone to hang out, figure out whether it is because you’re alone or lonely. And if you’re just alone for once, take a few moments to enjoy it.