The Girl Next Dore: Midterm Szn

Okay people, we all know its #MidtermSzn, so I decided to go with an unconventional post this week. Hope y’all laugh or at least look at some cute doggos!

TL;DR? — there are puppies at the bottom of this post!!!!

The past two weeks have been #ruff because of exams, essays, life, etc … I’ve read (mostly) something like seven books this term, and my eyes are slowly starting to glaze over every time I pick up my computer to write another essay. Basically …

I have a feeling my midterm grade in Art History is not looking so hot, and I contemplated skipping class today so I didn’t have to get my test back (likely reaction below), but that probably wouldn’t help.

I keep telling myself all of my professors are cramming these assignments in last minute, but really … they’ve been on the syllabus all term. Either way, though, I’m pretty over it …

But … the bright side? Well, for starters, we still have half of a term to potentially turn our grades around? … right?

AND! In three short days it’s SPRING BREAK!

We’ll have NINE DAYS OFF to sleep, or dance, or eat real food …

So, while I know this week is terrible, hold on tight! Finish strong! I know y’all can do it …

And, in the meantime … enjoy these puppy gifs … because we all need some doggies, and these are arguably the only thing that’s going to get my through today.

Good luck with the last few days!

Anchor down,