The Girl Next Dore: Behind The (Expanded) Blog

Flashback to the year 2008. I was in the third grade, only eight years old. It was November break, and my few friends and I were planning a sleepover. The movie “The Clique” had just come out, and we were planning to watch it that night. It was a really big deal… obviously. Probably equipped with Juicy Couture velour pants and pink glittery t-shirts from Justice, we sunk into the couch to watch the movie.

I honestly couldn’t tell you who was at that sleepover, or even what we did besides watch “The Clique.” I can remember, however, that the main character, Massie, wrote a blog. I can remember a lot about that blog, actually. She called it “The Current State of the Union,” and the page had two columns- one for what she deemed was “in” and one for things that she decided were “out.”

Why do I remember this? Well, at eight years old, I decided I wanted to write a blog, too. The very next morning, after eating half a box of pop-ems with my friends, I grabbed a pen and paper. I started, “Brooke Mackenzie’s State of the Union”… original, I know.

The point of all this is that I have always wanted to write a blog. Sure, it took me ten years to truly start writing one, but here we are… much to the delight of my eight-year-old self.

If you’re reading this, you probably know that this blog originally began in August as a publication for this page on Over the past few months, writing The Girl Next Dore blog posts has become a huge part of my life. So, I decided to expand this blog into a personal page in order to grow and expand my writing.

This has been a long time goal, and I am so excited to fully begin this journey. I hope you will come along with me! You can visit my personal site at

Anchor down,