The Girl Next Dore: … And To All A Good Night

‘Twas the night before exam week, when all through VU

Not a creature was stirring, just trying to make it through;

The finals were printed by the Professors with care,

In hopes that their students be filled with despair;

The students were studying atop their beds,

While visions of home danced in their heads;

Freshmen on Commons fell into a trap,

Thinking they’d rest for “just a short nap”;

They awoke hours later, and started to cry,

Tore open their books, and wondered “God why?!”;

Rand was now empty, no one in sight,

As the hours grew longer, there was a feeling of fright;

The morning had come, it was time for the tests,

Nothing to do, but to do your best;

“Now Gov, now Psych, now History and French,

Now Spanish, now Math, now Lit, and Gen Chem!”;

To the seats of Central!  To the Buttrick halls!

Now study! Study! Study it all!;

Campus was chilling, too quiet to like, 

Students too focused to get sleep at night;

But, yes!  In a week, we would cease to be around,

The freedom of home, the fall semester unbound;

In the blink of an eye, we’d be done our first chapter,

Of studying, maybe, but there’s a bigger matter;

The first term of college soon will be done,

Four months down out of four years of fun;

So the exams are important, don’t get me wrong,

But study, take them, and then move along;

With confidence and skill, let the facts fill your head,

Try not to let it all fill you with dread;

Know your grades are important, that’s not to forget,

But so is the future, the things you haven’t discovered yet;

So dwell not on missed questions, or even bad grades,

Think of the improvements that you haven’t yet made;

Study hard, get some sleep, remember you are bright, 



Anchor Down & Happy Holidays,