The Girl Next Dore: This Life Is Crazy

Coming off the heels of fall break, I wasn’t entirely sure what to write about this week. Most people seemed to go home to see family and friends, or headed off campus for a few days to some place fun. I, however, stayed right here in Nashville! My best friend from high school came to visit, and we went to a concert for a singer named Ben Rector.

But, aside from the concert, we did very little… and, honestly? It was great. It was nice to simply catch up, both on life and on sleep, and just chill…

After an amazing night at the Ryman Auditorium watching Ben Rector, I immediately knew what I would write my blog on…

If you listen to the song, he sings about loving his “crazy normal” lifestyle.  I thought about some of these lyrics in the context of Vanderbilt, and, if nothing else, it sort of made me laugh at how relatable they could be.  (Lyrics in bold.)

He sings:

Last night was crazy, yeah we tore it up again / Kicked off our shoes and went to bed by 9pm / We were balling to Netflix / We turned it up to ten / Last night was crazy

Okay… but honestly… this was me… all weekend… with the exception of the three hours I went to the concert, Ellie and I spent the whole weekend binging The Office… and both of us have already watched the entire show… twice. (S2 E12)

I threw my hands up in the air / At that detective show we watch / You drank red wine and I had Brita on the rocks

And, if I’m not watching The Office or Friends, I’m almost always watching NCIS or Blue Bloods. Catch me on Thanksgiving break with nothing but my dogs and Leroy Jethro Gibbs… ALSO, Brita on the rocks?! Nothing has ever been more relatable to dorm-life and water fountains.

We got off work and met at Bed, Bath and Beyond / You looked at curtains, I bought a birthday card for mom

Before Ellie got here, I went to Target. I bought shampoo, toothpaste, and tissues. It was exhilarating. #relatablecontent

We wanted tacos, but the taco truck was gone / Last night was crazy, yeah

This. Was. Me. All. Weekend. With. Rand. Cookies… NOTHING but Commons was open!

I don’t know where all these party people at / You’ve gotta have a job and get some sleep, you do the math / And someone’s gotta pay for all those bottle service tabs / And that sounds crazy

Again… honestly… how relatable can this be??? Real question: how do people go out on Thursday nights?! Your girl has class from 10am-2pm on Fridays, and that is just not humanly possible after a Thursday night out… Ben Rector, I feel you, man.

But, while all of this was/is/will continue to be relatable, Ben also sings:

Yeah, we’re living fast and free / Here on our favorite street / So raise your glass with me, oh / You know we’re going hard / And that we’re living large / Right here in our backyard, oh / This life is crazy

And I think that’s the most relatable part. Yeah, not every night is a party… maybe not even most nights are. But the daily things that make each of us happy, or maybe even make us annoyed, or the times we splurge for that pint of Blue Bunny ice cream at Munchie even though it costs meal money… yeah, “this life is crazy.”


Anchor Down,