MCL Top 5: Ways to Spend Your Spring Break on Campus

While most of us may be going back home or going on Alternative Spring Break trips next week, there are quite a few of us staying on campus. If that’s you, here are the top five ways you can enjoy your spring break and turn it into a vacation! You can even make some friends by asking housemates or acquaintances if they want to do these activities with you and have fun while you’re at it!

5. Have a Movie Marathon

If you haven’t watched Black Panther already, this is the perfect time for you to check it out! In fact, if you get MoviePass (even just for the month of March), you only have to pay $7.95 to watch a movie a day everyday during your Spring Break at Belcourt Theater or Regal Green Hills!

4. Have a Picnic

As the weather’s picking up, Spring Break may be a great time for you to lay on the grass, read and maybe get ahead by studying while pretending like you’re basking in the Cancun sun. Plus, Commons and Alumni Lawn won’t be as crowded during Spring Break as it usually is. If you’re looking to get slightly off-campus, pack your bags and take a walk to Centennial Park to get comfy on the grass.

3. Explore Food Places in the Heart of Nashville

Challenge yourself by going farther than Jeni’s for ice cream and Satay for Thai food. Search on Yelp for some solid food places in Nashville, such as Mike’s Ice Cream, Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, Otaku Ramen, Miss Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant, Mas Tacos, Korea House and more! Grab a friend or go by yourself and when your friends get back on campus, express them with your knowledge of delicious food places in Nashville.

2. Explore Nashville Itself!

Why wait until after Spring Break to return to the Frist when you loved it so much during your Class of 2021 celebration? Spend your break geeking out over amazing art at the Frist, virtual reality and science (the cool kind) at the Adventure Science Center, or the various music museums we have in Nashville (Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Country Music Hall of Fame, etc)! It’ll be just like vacationing in Nashville itself. Additionally, if you want to save some Uber money, Spring Break may be the perfect time for you to try taking public transportation (free with your Commodore Card) to save some money!

1. Give Back to the Community

There are ways to enjoy yourself and give back even as you watch your friends pack their bags to go on ASB trips. By going on, you can sign up for volunteering events that happen almost everyday during Spring Break and make your Spring Break as productive as it can be!


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