MCL Top 5: Black Mirror Episodes To Watch


Of the shows generating the most hype recently, Black Mirror is amongst the top. The show is unique in that every episode does not have to be watched in order and each episode tells its own story. The show is infamous for plot twists and innovative thinking and storytelling that often leaves us thinking about the complex issues that relate to our lives.

To give you episodes to start binge-watching, here are our suggestions.

1 – Hang the DJ

Perfect for Valentine’s Day! This episode will really make you appreciate the people in your life, especially significant others, why we chose for them to be in our lives and why they choose to stay through each day.

2 – San Junipero

This episode unravels a story that is similar to USS Callister (see below) but touches innovatively upon the controversial and frequently asked question of “If you could live forever, would you?”

3 – USS Callister

Perfect for those of you who are lovers of sci-fi films and books. It’s infused with creativity and tells a story that stands out from the other episodes.

4 – White Christmas

A Christmas special that is perfect to watch for any time, anywhere.

5 – The Entire History of You

A particularly saddening episode that portrays the very real downside to having an ability most of us probably wished we had.

We hope you enjoy!


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