MCL Top 5: Best Places to Study

The dreaded finals week is here! However, it is never too late to study for your upcoming exams. Fortunately, there are some great places to study on Vanderbilt’s campus. So, if you’re looking for a change of scenery, check out one of the Top 5 Best Places to Study on campus:

5. Rand Booths

The booths in Rand are a great place to get work done during the day. That is if you’re lucky enough to find an empty one! You can spread your work out on the table and get a lot done. Then, on your way out, grab one of the freshly baked Rand Cookies to treat yourself.

4. Libraries

Vanderbilt has a wide variety of libraries. If you need to hide out, there are many nooks and crannies in our libraries. Find one of the study rooms if you have group work or just want a room to yourself. If you need to study late at night, stop by any of the 24-hour libraries on campus. Also, the libraries are very quiet. So, if you’re looking for pin-drop silence, head over to one of our libraries next time you’re studying. Without a doubt, you will find a space to focus on your work in a library.

3. The Rec Center

During exam week head over to the Rec because it will be open 24/7. You can use the Rec to workout and relieve some stress. Then, find a spot in one of the many study spaces available in the building. There will be lots of stress relieving activities all week! Go check it out and enjoy their week of Study Things.

2. Starbucks

If you like some background noise while working, Starbucks is the perfect place for you! They usually have some good study tunes in the background. Not to mention, you will be surrounded by the aroma of fresh coffee and tasty food. If you don’t mind a few distractions every now and then, head over to one of the locations around campus and get to work.

1. Commons Dining Hall

The Commons Dining Hall is another great place to get some work done. If you like background noise, this is a great place to work during the day. However, if you’re looking for pin-drop silence, go there after 8 p.m. Once the dining portion closes, feel free to camp out and get all your work done because the dining hall is open for studying 24 hours! Not to mention, it is closer to the Commons dorms than most libraries. Next time you need to study, grab your work, your laptop, and an empty table and enjoy the peace and quiet.


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