Addison Rae and German Music???

Me when I listen to Schläger music

Have you ever heard the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber? Or have you been living under a rock for the last decade? I think we can agree that this song represents the peak of our tween years. Our need for a nasally pop super star to sing us a repetitive elegy blows my mind, but hey, I won’t lie and say I don’t have the song downloaded to my phone. For how much crap everyone gave the song, it’s pretty catchy. I have recovered from Bieber Fever, but my brain can’t seem to shake the tune after I hear it. It stays with your soul. Almost like Satan. Addison Rae has come out with her single, “Obsessed”, and I am here to make the argument that this has ties to Germany. I promise this will make sense. Just keep reading.

Schläger music is a genre of music in Germany that is super tacky, super simple, and super repetitive. It also rhymes, so that adds to the sugary feel in your brain when you listen to it. I found this style of music through my German language class. My professor played us a few songs, and I was enthralled. I did some research, and apparently Schläger music is the equivalent of Christian Rock, which basically means this music is TV-G and super kitschy. I was interested to find out more about this genre.

Apparently, Schläger music is a huge part of Germany’s culture. Germany has TV night specials every day of just hours of Schlager music. I guess this would be the American equivalent of MTV. They also have the Spring Festival of Volksmusik, the Summer Festival of Volksmusik, and even the Great New Year’s Schlagin’ Eve Spectacular. Schläger music year-round! With help from Rebecca Schuman’s article, “Is Schlager Music the Most Embarrassing Thing Germany Has Ever Produced?”, I have outlined a checklist below to define the key elements of this genre:

  1. Schlager contains very upbeat, simple, and rhyming lyrics; almost like a poem.
  2. Content matter is never political, inappropriate, or upset.
  3. Every song has a (If I seem repetitive with the word “simple”, you should see the article I read below) a simple and catchy melody

Just to really hit home what this genre is like I am attaching a video from the article that I feel showcases the outfits, lyrics, and melody of Schlager. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Great, I have learned about this terrible music. I can move on with my life”. That is where you’re wrong. Somehow, I STARTED LIKING SCHLÄGER MUSIC! It was specifically the song “Ohne dich” by Sarah Zucker that drew me in. It’s so catchy, and the music video was so fun! I also attached it in case you would like to watch, because who doesn’t want to watch a blonde German on roller-skates singing a song?

Here is my favorite song:

I mean look how dope those roller-skates are!!!

Now, stick with me for a second as I explain the connection. People have been going crazy on Tik Tok making fun of Addison’s music video choreography (rightfully so). After seeing one of these memes, I hopped onto YouTube to watch the video itself. I am ashamed to admit it: I liked her song. Hey! It was catchy! The reason this all connects is because I think Addison Rae is contributing to America’s Schläger music. Even tough hers is technically not very TV-G, I think the idea of a guy being obsessed with her and she being obsessed with herself, the rhymes, the simple lyrics, and the melody all fits the characteristics above. For whatever reason, I have a curse for liking simple, catchy, and annoying songs.

I have several theories as to why, but probably because it doesn’t require many brain cells to memorize the lyrics and you don’t need an amazing voice to belt out the tunes. I have found happiness in German Schläger music, maybe you will too, so much so I am finding similarities to American songs. I also highly recommend watching the memes on Tik Tok; you might use those dance moves at Lonnie’s Karaoke Bar sometime. Go give Schläger music a listen!!!