Top 5 Things to Do While the Weather is Nice

Nashville’s weather is out of wack– tell us something we don’t know. However, we’ve had an abnormally warm winter this year, so here are some things you can do to further enjoy it.

1. Work Outside

It’s not snowing and the sun’s been making frequent appearances, so be sure to take advantage of this perfect opportunity to get some fresh air.

2. Walk around Hillsboro Village

With Hillsboro Village not being a far walk from Commons, it makes a nice day trip with friends or on your own. Maybe do a little shopping, get some food or see a movie at the Belcourt– whatever fits your mood.

3. Take a Trip to Broadway

If you have yet to see Broadway at night, now’s your chance to right that wrong! While some of the places are 21+, there are plenty of options for you and your friends to enjoy such as the Legendary Milkshake Bar or the Wildhorse Saloon (just make sure they’re open first).

4. Stargaze

This one is for the night owls. On a clear night, you’re actually able to see the stars because there isn’t much ambient light. This would be the perfect setting for a soothing playlist, late-night convo, or maybe just thinking.

5. Visit Centennial Park

While parts of it are under construction, Centennial Park is still a beautiful place to visit. You’ll be able to get some exercise in, too.