The Introvert’s Guide to College: Saying No to the Party

The weekend is a necessity for most of us, a break from the craziness of the work week. And the weekend means different things to all of us. Maybe you get to sleep in more or catch up on a TV show. However, for a lot of people, the end of the work week is the beginning of the party week.

            Now, I think parties are fun, even as an introvert. As long as I have a few friends with me, I can make the large crowds work. But, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel pressured into joining the party when I would rather spend the weekend recharging after a long week. And sometimes that pressure can be hard to ignore.

            While you should push yourself to be a part of social events and go out with friends, don’t be afraid to say no. I’ve been around people who are able to go out every single night on the weekend, and while the idea of it sounds fun, I know I would be exhausted by the end of it. So, I’ve learned to say no to invitations.

Something that’s hard to believe for some people is that though many people attend parties, many people also stay away from them. Throughout our college years, there will be hundreds of parties, but mental health should always come first. It’s okay to say no to the party.

Victorious is on Netflix now, so saying no is the better option anyway. 🙂