Top 5 Nostalgic Movies on Netflix

Now that we’ve all gotten a taste of the adult life that’s full of self advocacy and responsibility, some people may appreciate a reminder of what once was. Here are 5 movies to watch on Netflix this weekend that’ll make you feel like a kid again.

Spy Kids (2001)

Who didn’t wish that they were spies after watching this movie as a kid?? (All three are on Netflix right now, by the way, so binge them while you still can!)

Meet the Robinsons (2007)

This movie was the perfect mix of the fantastical and weird, not to mention The Jonas Brothers’ amazing rendition of “Kids in America.”

Monster House (2006)

A classic that is still somehow able to frighten me despite the fact that I’m 18. It’s that good.

Bee Movie (2007)

I’m tempted to insert the entirety of script here, but I’m afraid that I would run out of characters.

Bolt (2008)

Who could forget Miley Cyrus’s voiceover and the thrilling plotline of “dog thinks that he is not a dog but is, in fact, a dog?”