MCL Top 5-Pieces of Advice for First Years

Moving in and starting a new life at college is without a doubt one of the biggest transitions most of us have ever gone through. Whether its forming new friendships or getting accustomed to the workload, here is a list of five things to remember as you go through your first semester.

1) You are not alone!

All 1,600+ freshman, whether from a nearby city or from across the world, are experiencing the start of college and most likely the first time living away from home. Lots of emotion and anxiety can be tied into that. Don’t forget that all your friends are in the same boat as you. Enjoy the highs and lows with them. Form friendships with the people that you will be spending the next four years with.

2) It’s okay to say No! It’s also okay to say Yes!

With such a vibrant, growing campus, there is ALWAYS going to be something going on. Whether it’s friends going for a night out, a concert, or an organization you’re interested in, step out of your comfort zone! You’ll be surprised at what you find yourself enjoying. Try new things; college is the time for that. On that same note, it is a good idea to say no to some things in order to take some time for yourself. Don’t feel pressured to attend every single thing. It’s all about balance.

3) Use your resources!

We have all heard this many times in the last three weeks. Mental and physical health resources are made incredibly accessible to students here at Vanderbilt. Tutoring, writing center, massages, and lots of plenty of other things are available. These things are already paid for and are being provided for you, so you might as well take advantage of them. Nothing says “college” like “free things”!

4) Go easy on yourself!

Lots of Vanderbilt kids breezed through high school. For some, college can be a new level of difficulty that we haven’t experienced. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad grade; it happens. Just learn what works best for you and grow from it. Prioritize your education, but remember that it is okay to not excel in a subject right away. Put adequate time into it and you will do fine!

5) Wear shower shoes!

Floors are nasty; shower floors are worse. For the sake of everyone on your floor, PLEASE wear shower shoes. Don’t risk getting an infection or stepping in something gross. Investing in some nice flip flops can go a long way!

And as always, don’t forget to Anchor Down!