List-o-things to do over the Summer!

Summer is the lingering thought amongst most of us Vandy students as we prepare to tackle finals season. Most of us are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying ourselves while some will wonder what they will be doing over our 2 month long break. Here is a (semi) long  list of things to do and/or to keep in mind over the summer:

  1. Plan/decide your future educational path/plan.
  2. Schedule a shadowing of a professional in your prospective field.
  3. Apply for internships in your prospective career.
  4. Learn an new subject: cooking, coding, 3D printing, painting, song writing, playing an instrument, etc.
  5. Volunteer at a retirement village (“old folks home”). They enjoy having young people around!
  6. Volunteer at a local non-profit animal shelter. These types of shelter receive very few support and usually run on donations and grants and are always looking for help.
  7. Create, learn, and start-up a business. This can be from doing tasks on Fiverr, selling handmade items on Etsy or Instagram, or even creating your own website and advertising your product.
  8. Learn to meditate.
  9. Find a way to incorporate more water into your schedule if it is hard for your to remember to drink it daily.
  10. Apply for scholarships.
  11. Learn to film, edit, and post videos/film.
  12. Deep clean your room and donate any old but in good condition items to goodwill. Any new but unworn items can be sold on sites like Mercari or Depop.
  13. Go thrift shopping.
  14. Learn how to invest and/or budget your money.
  15. Plan a vacation or day event with friends.\
  16. Review online notes for any future subject you plan on taking.
  17. Try a new clothing, hairstyle, and/or hair color.
  18. Discuss possible room designs with your roommate for next year.
  19. Consider mentoring an incoming Vanderbilt freshmen.
  20. Breathe and enjoy the summer!
  21. Learn a new hands -on-craft: woodworking, sculpting, construction, electrical circuitry, etc.
  22. View study abroad applications and consider staying abroad for a semester.
  23. Consider taking classes that are new to you (for example, sign language, theater production, acting, star gazing, etc.)
  24. Learn tactics to limit procrastination.
  25. Consider a new method of planning: bullet journals, notebook planners, electronic calendars, etc.
  26. Volunteer at a local food pantry.
  27. If you plan on transferring, taking college tours is a good idea.
  28. Try a new diet and/or exercise routine (within healthy measures of course).
  29. Read more. Go to your local library and get a library card. It is/should be free.
  30. Practice improving your handwriting.
  31. Learn how to type without looking down. There are many free services that offer this online and it makes your typing faster.
  32. Learn/improve your cursive handwriting, like typing, cursive is meant to make writing faster.
  33. Walk outside more and enjoy the fresh air.
  34. Communicate with/visit far away relatives.
  35. Find a summer job.(or create your own).
  36. Sign up for move-in crew.

This list could go on and on but it should give you some ideas as to what you can do over the summer if you find yourself bored and uninspired. Have a great summer!