Top 5 Bucket List Items for Spring at Vandy

1.Bask in the warmth and glory of Vandy Spring.

You have, in fact, made it to this point in your college career at Vanderbilt. Take a minute to celebrate that by packing a lunch with your friends, grabbing a blanket, cards and a guitar, and heading to Wyatt or the Lower Quad for the afternoon. The two times I’ve done this put me in a state of insane peace of mind and appreciation (two things we don’t get a lot at Vanderbilt).

2.Drop yourself into the map and explore.

Nashville is a cultural hub for more than just country music! Take an afternoon to put yourself somewhere you’ve barely been (12 South, Five Points, and Bicentennial park are a few places to start), then find your new favorite thrift store or soda shop. Not every college student gets to explore a brand new student friendly city like we do.

3.Cross it off your bucket list.

You’ve probably put off a college activity for a few months now. Whether it be swing dancing, finally checking out Greek row, or taking an artsy photo shoot, schedule time for that experience. As Shia Labeouf once said, “Don’t let your dreams be dreams!”

4.Do something distinctly “Vandy”.

Still haven’t tried a rand cookie or brookie yet? Deterred by the incredible line at Bowls and intimidated by Chili’s? Never been to Ranhas? Before you leave it this year, go out of your normal routine and check out the memes for themselves. While your here, you may as well get the true Vanderbilt experience.

5.Give genuine thanks.

How often do you tell someone how much you truly appreciate them, and not just in the short term? Take a moment to let someone, be it a friend, professor, parent or significant other, know how they helped you through the wildly messy, stressful late nights and long days at Vanderbilt. We’ve all gotten help along the way; the least we can do is give a little gratitude.