The Top 5 Squirrels You Meet on Campus

Since I’ve started classes at Vanderbilt, there has been one thing that never fails to make me smile, even on the worst days: the small, furry woodland creatures.  From squirrels to chipmunks to rabbits, it is hard to go anywhere on campus without seeing one of these little critters. (How you feel about that is up to you, of course. They can be vicious.)

Vanderbilt University boasts a 3:1 squirrel-to-student ratio, making for some interesting encounters and a few more great Instagram captions. We’ve determined the Top 5 kinds of squirrels you see at Vandy— and who knows, maybe you’ve run into them at some point during your time on campus.

All photos were taken by the author on the Vanderbilt campus.

#1: The One That’s Just Trying to Get Its Munchie Swipe



Completely relatable.  We wonder if it makes midnight trips to Commons for Uncrustables and iced coffee too.






#2: The One Who Can Stare Straight Into Your Soul


It’s a little unsettling if you look into its eyes too long.  But look at that fluffy tail!



#3: The One That’s Got 8 Minutes to Get From Murray to Calhoun



It probably couldn’t find a functional Ofo.






#4: The One That’s Straight Chillin’


Do you ever just want to isolate yourself in the middle of Commons Lawn, forgot about that chem test, and binge eat your favorite food? Us too.






#5: The One That’s Not Actually a Squirrel



It’s called a rabbit, John.


Thanks for reading, Commodores, and as always, Anchor Down!


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