Humans of The Commons: Ivana Dulanro

Ivana Dulanro
Class of 2021
Events at Vanderbilt Associate

“While working at the front desk, I really like when there are prospective students visiting with their families that ask me personal questions about my experience at Vanderbilt. They usually ask for advice and tell me about what they want to study and what their plans are.”

“I think that Vanderbilt fosters a community of diversity and inclusion that is accepting everyone. I feel, coming from a smaller town in the suburbs of Illinois, and being at Vanderbilt, I meet so many people that are different from me. I’m able to share my ideas and background, just being myself.”

“I’m passionate about people, that’s kind of a lame thing to say, but as an HOD major, I work at a summer camp at home with kids and my goal is to work with UNICEF and the UN. Everything I do is centered around people and helping people, even this job, the customer service.”


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