Top 5 Ways to Productively Procrastinate on Finals

5)Catch up with a visions group member on the 21st bridge.

“Hey it’s Banana Bonnie!” you exclaim while crossing the 21st bridge to the library, You might be late to meet your calc study buddy, but hey, college is about maintaining old connections right? At least ask them something about the frisbee team they mentioned briefly a semester ago so that you still have something fruitful to discuss.

4)Apply for the exec board for orgs of which you were sort of a member.

You may have only been a member who tried when they could, but you may as well give it a go. Sometimes we find motivation for an organization when we A)have a job to do ad B)are forced to reflect on the experience more, rendering the application process a great way to appreciate an org.

3)Look up plane ticket prices to places you ~might~ go over the summer.

What if you took the first week in July off from working at a relative’s firm and plant yourself in the middle of Germany? You might not have any money nor language experience in German, but wouldn’t it be an adventure? The cost is the only thing keeping you down.

2)Breath in the gorgeous, pollen-laiden air.

Our throats may be scratchy for it but by golly you want to breath in the rich and warm air of the days we’re having. Enjoy the weather you expected of Nashville by basking in the sun, ofoing to centennial for a pokemon raid, or playing with a dog you find on the sidewalk. A moment of gratitude can put you into a great mental space.

1)Take a 4 hour nap to restore and rejuvenate the soul.

At some point you might crash, and you should let yourself do this. It’s been a heckin’ long semester which has worn on you for almost the last 4 months straight. Sleep has tremendous benefits to mental health, physical health and memory function in the brain, so you probably will be better for it than if you haphazardly stared at your work, ready to collapse.


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