Q & A With Incoming Faculty Head of East House Professor Sean Seymore

Commons will not only welcome new students from the class of 2022 in the fall, but also three new faculty heads of house. Joining the Commons community will be nursing Professor Natasha McClure in North House, earth and environmental sciences Professor Daniel Morgan in Memorial House, as well as law and chemistry Professor Sean Seymore in East House.

Each brings a unique perspective to their new residential community. Professor McClure is a pediatric primary care nurse practitioner and studies how academic clinical partnerships can both help patients with chronic conditions and improve nursing education. Professor Morgan is an associate dean of the College of Arts and Science, oversees the College Scholars Honors and Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholars Programs, and focuses his research on glacial history and geology. Professor Seymore studies the intersection of science and law and the influence of scientific advances on patent law and public policy.

Professor Seymore shared some thoughts on his new role as a faculty head of house with MCL.

Professor Sean Seymore

Q: What are you most looking forward to?

A: Serving as a faculty head of house will provide me with a unique opportunity to mentor, build a living-learning community, and make an enduring impact on the first-year experience.


Q: What impact do you hope to have?

A: I totally embrace the idea of a truly residential university experience.  I look forward to building a community that values an integrated approach to intellectual and professional growth by building stronger connections between the classroom experience and everyday life.


Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A:  I like engaging conversations, walking/jogging, and good coffee.  I like the idea of making something out of nothing, which probably explains my interest in chemistry and in cooking.  Perhaps my favorite activity is fellowship over a good meal.


As any Commons resident knows, faculty heads of house can make an immense impact on our community, bringing inspiration and spirit to first-year students as we embark on our college journey. A sincere thank you to Professors Gregory Melchor-Barz, Kevin Leander, and Daniel Gervais, who will be ending their time as faculty heads of house after this year, as well as a hearty welcome to the new professors lending their service to students and truly completing the Commons experience.



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