Humans of the Commons: Elise Reimschisel


“I like to play the piano.  I’ve done that for a while.  My family has this rule where you have to take two years of piano for every child, and so I just kind of fell in love with it.  I played in front of judges.  I didn’t really do much competitive, but I definitely did recitals and played in front of people.  For me, it was more of just a release from my life at school — teachers wanted things done a certain way, and I feel like music is very subjective to how you feel in that moment and there is no right answer.  So, I think for me it was just a way for me to express myself. My parents didn’t force me to do it; they just chose it for me.  I’m actually not thinking about taking lessons from Vanderbilt.  It’s just a lot of time.  Music was more of a release from everything else.  It wasn’t my life.”


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