Humans of the Commons: Camille Tish

Camille Tish (2020) Major: Special Education, Hometown: Northville, Michigan

“I am passionate about working with individuals with disabilities. My passion began when my cousin was born with a defective heart. Our family had to learn how to interact with her given her disability. My cousin, Ellie, has given us all a tolerance and love for individuals with special needs. Because of Ellie, I started a peer-mentoring program at my high school for students with disabilities. I am also majoring in Special Education and hope to one day make a positive impact on my students’ lives. At Vanderbilt, I also am a volunteer for Nashville Dolphins and a Next Steps Ambassadore. I love working with people with special needs because they often have an innocence and happiness that is, frankly, uncommon in today’s society. I think people with disabilities should not be defined and labeled by their lack of ability, but rather their unique and extraordinary abilities.”


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