Top 5 Things To Netflix

  1. An Anime

Netflix offers a slew of Japanese animated shows. I know, I KNOW. It’s anime, something that most of us at one point would turn our noses down at if suggested. But this is college, a time of learning, exploration and experimentation. In that vain, I have become quite the avid anime fan. Unlike many of my compatriots, I don’t necessarily go for the savage gore-filled titles of Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul, nor do I prefer the “bubblegum” feel-goodness of shows like You Cry in April. What really scratches my Flix-itch are the animes that fall in between. J’adore Seven Deadly Sins, Magi, and Sword Art Online. There’s action, romance, and enough twists to keep you guessing. But, and this is the thing I love the most, the good guys always seem to pull through. If that’s not your thing, or you aren’t really sure what anime to start with, an easy go to is the ever popular Attack On Titan beloved by die-hard anime devotees and the average person alike.

       2. A Crime Drama 

The great thing about Netflixing crime dramas, is that unlike regular television, you don’t have to wait every week, or if they’re reruns every weekend, to continue the story. You can binge your way all the way through in one shot, if you’ve got that kind of time (and dedication). Americans are fascinated with crime, both the commission and their solution. For better or worse, entire networks have been funded by the unquenchable thirst to learn about murder and revenge. I highly recommend Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (I cannot emphasize enough the great divide that exists between SVU and all other Law and Order spin offs), iZombie (it’s a cute crime series with enough heart for anyone. The main character is a female zombie who gets premonitions of the victims’ lives after eating their brains), and Bones (I am currently watching this show and I absolutely adore it. The writing can sometimes be repetitive, but with 12 seasons, it’s awesome to watch all the characters grow).

          3. Something Old 

From Murder, She Wrote to Friends, shows that have reached their end offer some of the best entertainment available. There’s not much more to say other than that. True, the graphics might be outdated, and you might not get some of the “pop-culture” references, but still there is something about observing the visual arts of an era gone by that brings a sense of much needed nostalgia.

          4. Something New 

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you haven’t watched a Netflix Original you are missing out on what could be some of the most joyful experiences of your young life. From Orange is the New Black, to House of Cards,to the lesser known Hemlock Grove, Netflix is a powerhouse at producing riveting, critically acclaimed and genre-forwarding series worthy of television’s “Golden Age”. A few more suggestions include Marco Polo and Narcos. If you’re into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you may want to explore the multi-verse of Marvel’s small-screen features. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are some of the best superhero productions ever created and take a look at the dark side of New York City.

           5. Something Funny To You 

After a test, or before hitting up the frats “pregaming” to a comedy special or watching raunchy episodes of Archer and Family Guy are a great (and legal) way to alleviate stress and escape from your troubles. Some suggestions include the insightful eye of Bo Burnham’s what. and the hilarious rantings of a pregnant Ali Wong in Baby Cobra. If that’s not your style, you can always try a Dramedy. A mixture of heart-wrenching drama, and a lot of laughs, shows like Grace and Frankie are unique and encapsulating. Grace, and your husband’s best friend’s wife, Frankie are forced to adapt to modern life in their seventies after their husbands reveal that they’re more friends. The show takes an honest look at infidelity but doses it with all the charm of its leading actresses.

So, if you just finished Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones, or Supernatural and are fiending for another Flix-fix, try check out one or two of the shows compiled above, they’re sure to not disappoint.


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